Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Story of Porridge

Once upon a time, in a faraway forest, there lived three little bears. They lived in a tiny stone cottage whose roof was covered in moss and yellow daisies. Every morning, at eight a.m. sharp, Mama Bear would make breakfast for her family. There was a big bowl of porridge for Papa Bear and a medium bowl of porridge for Mama Bear and of course, a small bowl of porridge for Baby Bear.

Now for Mama Bear, no ordinary porridge would do. She did not like instant porridge or the mushy kind either. No. Only healthy organic whole grains would do for her family so every morning from the cupboard above the stove she took down a big tin of old fashioned oatmeal. In Papa Bears bowl, she placed one cup of oatmeal. In her own bowl, she placed a half cup of oatmeal, and in Baby Bear’s bowl, she put a quarter of a cup of oatmeal.

While she boiled water for the oatmeal, Mama Bear poured Papa Bear a tall glass of milk. She poured a medium sized glass of milk for herself and a very tiny glass of milk for Baby Bear who often spilled. When the water was boiling, she took it from the stove and poured it into the bowls of oatmeal until the water just barely covered the oatmeal. She then placed a salad plate over each bowl (to save saran-wrap and thus decrease her family’s carbon footprint) and allowed it to sit for five minutes before calling her bears to Breakfast.

First, in came Papa Bear who was a Grizzly with a great gruff voice and big ‘stompy’ feet. He liked bananas and brown sugar on his oatmeal. Next came Mama Bear who was a sweetheart with a big white apron and pink bunny slippers. She liked dried blueberries and slivered almonds on her oatmeal. Lastly came Baby Bear who was cute as a button in bright red footie pajamas. Baby Bear liked Strawberry jam on his oatmeal.

Now one day, while waiting for the oatmeal to cook, Mama Bear decided to run to the blueberry patch because she wanted fresh blueberries instead of dried…well, I guess you know what happened next.

Oatmeal—serves one.

½ cup Old fashioned rolled oats (not quick oats)
½ cup boiling water or enough to cover oats

Place oats in a bowl and pour in boiling water. Cover and allow to sit for approximately five minutes. Add milk and your favorite toppings for a quick nutritious breakfast.

(This is not your mother’s mushy oatmeal :) )

Photo snagged from here with many thanks!

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